Miss Paolo ex congress woman came from Washington DC to speak to us about programs of developement in Africa, its ...

Amina Gerba invited Miss Paolo to speak to us about  Africa: a review of the development history of Africa, past present and future partnerships with various powerful countries namely United states and the challenges it faces .

 Of course Africa a Large Continent of 53 countries with vast cultural, religious and economic differences has enormous potential from its diversity of population, natural resources and desire to progress. 

Education should be at the heart of African development so the national summit devised programs :

over 170 africa focused educational workshops for teachers and students trained and oriented over 3 100 administrators and educators 

over 10 000 students have been educated and received educational materials 

educational and promotional  materials mailed to 19 500 high schools, reaching 9.5 million students 

digital distribution of outreach materials through discovery education avaliable to 35 million students and one million teachers  

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