Dr Christian Genest, Chiropractor presented what Chiropractic is, and what it does to greatly improve anyone's health.

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After a 5 years full time 245 credits degree at the UQTR (universitĂ© du QuĂ©bec a Trois-Rivieres) each new chiropractor need to pass provincial , canadian and Quebec board of chiropractors exam to be allowed to practice.  Continuing education is then mandatory each year.

Chiropractors are primary contact professionals, having the right and responsibility to pose a diagnostic using: Xrays, emg, physical, neurological and various other exams to determine the health status and proper treatment  when needed.

Chiropractic concentrates on neuro-musculoskeletal structures and their impact on general health, Treatments can be helpful on any condition that is naturally reversible without the use of medication nor surgery.