Monthly NEWSLETTER          December 2020
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The Family of Rotary Club of Old Montreal 
President's Message
Susan Xianshu Huang
member photo
Dear Fellow Rotarians,
Happy New Year!
January 8th started our first meeting in 2021. May the New Year bring us good health, happiness, prosperity and all the successes!
In the first month of 2021, we were glad to welcome a new member, Mrs. Liyin Mo joining our Club; we also honored Mr. Yvon Gelinas as our Honorary Member for his strong support to our Club; we set up the new Environmental Committee with President Nominee James Zdralek as the Chair; and we organized our new fundraising event - 2021 Montreal Chinese New Year Charity Concert. All the above showed that our Club started the new year with positive attitude and enthusiasm, and I strongly believe that we will have another fruitful year!
Thank you and God bless you all!
Susan Xianshu Huang
President 2020-2021
Club Breaking News
  • Mr. Michel Wong Kee Song has been elected as District Governor Nominee for 2022-2023.
  • Mr. Michel Wong Kee Song has become a member of Paul Harris Society. Congratulations!
Club Matters
   2020 - 2021 Club Focus
  1. Club development: Building closer Win-Win relationship between the Club and the members by focusing on:

  •  What more can the Club bring to the Club members?

  •  What more can the Club members do for the Club?

  1. Membership: To enroll more members to grow our Club

  2. Rotary Means Business: to launch the RMB in our Club to create more business opportunities for the members

  3. Service projects :  to determine valuable service projects locally and internationally

  4. Fundraising: plan to have a few activities including virtual and Gala :

  5. Rotaract and Interact : to build closer ties with our Rotaract Downtown Club and monitor closely our new Interact Clubs.

July 17th, 2020 Meeting. Guest speaker: PDG Nabil Oudeh - "Leading your Club Through Changes".
July 24th, Meeting. Guest Speaker: Ashley Werhun - "Mentorship and Warm Introductions".
July 31st, 2020. Club meeting "Who Moved My Cheese" video presentation and discussion.
August 7th, 2020- DG Hadi
Topic: Journey to Rotary International
  1.   DG Hadi joined our Weekly Club Meeting and addressed to the members.
As he was born and raised in Lebanon, he expressed his condolence to Maha for Beirut Tragedy. He told Maha that we are a big family and we work together. He and his wife don’t have a family here but Rotary becomes their family. He calls Rotarians family members as they are with us for life.
DG Hadi shared his story of how he became a Rotarian and how he gets involved with Rotary and became DG of 7040. A friend of his from Lebanon once invited him to attend the lunch meetings of Rotary Club in West Ottawa. After a few times visits to the Club meetings, he found out the people are nice and they would like to know about what they are doing. In 2003 he became a Rotarian. In 2007, he was sick and was hospitalized. During that time, every day, 1-2 Rotarian members would go to the hospital to visit him bringing him the books and food which moved him deeply. From then on he felt Rotary is his family. He recovered from the sickness and was proposed to become the President of 2013-1014 and he accepted. After this, he accepted to become the Area Governor in 2014 and today he is the District Govonor for 2020-2021. He requested us to share our story of how we become a Rotarian and why we stay in the Rotary family.
This year our theme is Rotary Opens the Opportunities. He made the following requests:
  1. To promote Rotary more on social medias for more visibilities.
  2. To continue our Virtual meeting even if things go back to normal.
  3. To make our Rotary accessible and affordable.
  4. To cooperate with other service organizations such as Toast Master.
  5. Do things differently
  6. Invite your aluminums and friends to our club meetings and activities
  7. To make one day called “Environmental Day” to do some environmental friendly work for the local communities and let the communities know we are helping.
  8. Call for donations for the Silent Auction of $100 /item to be donated to Rotary Foundation
  9. Call for Ad on D-7040 for $300/year to help the Virtual District Conference to be held on Oct. 16-18.
July 24th, 2020-Ashley Werhun
Topic: Mentorship Made Easy-Unlock your potential and kick-start your career
Ashley Werhun is CEO and Co-Founder of Mentorly. Mentorly.Co is a cloud-based mentorship solution for business, schools, and organizations looking to invest in their people and help them soar.
Ashley made a wonderful and interesting presentation about Mentorship today. Her speaking covers the following:
  1. How is mentorship different today
  2. Customized mentorship
  3. The demand for mentorship in the workplace is increasing as 87% of millennial employees request Mentorship.
  4. The importance of Mentorship
Ashley states that Mentorship is key for attracting and retaining a diverse workplace. Mentoring is about opening up and being vulnerable about the experience of the mentors so mentees don’t make the same mistakes the mentors did. Then, they can forge their own path to success.
July 31st, 2020-“Who Moved My Cheese “ video presentation and discussion
Susan Xianshu Huang, President of the Club, played an interesting video of a book called “Who Moved My Cheese” by Spencer Johnson. The Message we got from the story is as follows:
  1. Changes happens—they keep moving the cheese
  2. Anticipate change-smell the cheese often so you know when it is getting old
  3. Monitor changes
  4. Adapt to changes quickly
  5. Change
  6. Enjoy change
Rotary International
Theme of 2020-2021 -  "Rotary Opens Opportunities"
  • Rotary provides opportunities for service projects that can be performed and completed by us.
  • Rotary has given many of us the opportunity to travel the world to help put our service ideas into action.
  • Rotary also provides opportunities for leadership.
  • Rotary opens opportunities for you to live a richer, more meaningful life.
  • Everything we do opens another opportunity for someone, somewhere.
Rotary International
  • 1.2 million Rotarian members
  • 36,000 Rotary Clubs in 210 countries
First Board Meeting of the Club for FY 2020-2021
Board Members Introduction
President – Susan Xianshu Huang
Immediate Past President – Linda Beloin
President Elect/ Local Committee Chair /Legal Advisor – Ilario Maiolo
Vice President/Senior Advisor – PP Santoso Hanitijo
Membership/Club Admin/E-Sec – DGN, PP Michel Wong Kee Song 
Treasurer/PR – IPP Linda Beloin
Fundraising Committee Chair/Rotaract – PP Mark-H Chau
Foundation Committee Chair – PP Peter Wong
International Committee Chair– PP Amina Gerba
Secretary – Suzie Lim Quan Choy
Other Responsibilities
Interact Liaison:                      Rachel Tonye
Speakers:                               Malcolm Olafson
Internet/Web Service:                  Liliane Rushemeza
Bulletin Editor
Lil Rushemeza