Monthly NEWSLETTER          January 2021
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The Family of Rotary Club of Old Montreal on Zoom
President's Message
Susan Xianshu Huang
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Dear Fellow Rotarians,
Happy New Year!
January 8th started our first meeting in 2021. May the New Year bring us
good health, happiness, prosperity and all the successes!
In the first month of 2021, we were glad to welcome a new member, Mrs. Liyin Mo
joining our Club; we also honored Mr. Yvon Gelinas as our Honorary Member for
his strong support to our Club; we set up the new Environmental Committee with
 President Nominee James Zdralek as the Chair; and we organized our new
fundraising event - 2021 Montreal Chinese New Year Charity Concert. All the
 above showed that our Club started the new year with positive attitude and
 enthusiasm, and I strongly believe that we will have another fruitful year!
Thank you and God bless you all!
Susan Xianshu Huang
President 2020-2021
Club's Breaking News
  • 5000 Masks have been donated to Old Brewery Mission
  • Welcome our new member Mrs. Liyin Mo join our Club 
  • Mr. Yvon Gelinas donated $11,500 to our Club and we honored him as
    our Honorary Member for his strong support and contribution to our
    Club in the past years.
  • $2200 has been donated to District Beirut project.
  • Environmental Committee has been set up. Mr. James Zdralek  accepted 
    to be the Chair of this Committee.
  • 2021 Montreal Chinese New Year Charity Concert Fundraising event has been organized. Donation page has been set up on CanadaHelps. $20 
    minimum donation was requested from the Members.
Club Matters
  • Weekly Club Meetings on Zoom
  1. January 8th, 2021 on Zoom
      On January 8th’s meeting on Zoom, we updated the Club Matters after the Board Meeting
      on January 7th, 2021.
  • Club Matters Updates
        1) Finance update
            IPP Linda updated the following:
       -Our bank accounts:
Tangerin:   $84,356
Welfare :    $758
Current:     $12,062
2) Fundraising Committee update
           - A fundraising activity -2021 Montreal Chinese New Year Charity Concert was proposed                  by President Susan and was voted in favor by the Board as follows:
          - The Co-organizer of the Concert will be Montreal Chinese Culture and Arts                                   Foundation(MCCAF) ,
          - Title sponsor: National Bank of Canada ($5000)
          -  Organization to receive the fund from this fundraising:
   Beijing Han Fu Er Charity Foundation for Mental Disabled Children
- Date: Feb.12-28
- Donation online through: CanadaHelps. Fellow Members were requested to participate
  by donating minimum $20 to this fundraising activity.
          - Editing fee of the video to be paid from the $5000 sponsorship from MCCAF which
            is $500.
         In addition to the fund from the Concert fundraising,  the Board voted to donate $2000
         to Beijing Han Fu Er Charity Foundation.
-The Shea Butter products sale was postponed to January 31st ,2021
3) Membership Committee update
Membership Chair Michel updated our membership situation. We had two members who became inactive from Jan.2021. They are Karen Bedard and Carlo Ballerini.
However, we found a new candidate Mrs. Liyin Mo who would like to become our new member. DGN Michel did the interview with her and found out that she was qualified to become our member. Mrs. Liyin Mo was sponsored by President Susan. The board voted to accept Mrs. Liyin Mo as our new member starting January 2021.
4) Local Project update
Organization chosen to receive our Christmas Silent Auction funds was:
         Montreal Children Hospital Foundation- the Pediatric Emergency Mental Health Fund.
    5) International Committee update
        - PP Amina updated that the International Committee was still collecting information to                      properly complete the application for the Global Grant.
        - Beirut donation: $2200 ($2000 from our Club + $200 from President Susan ) to be                      sent to the District’s selected Club for the Beirut project.
        6)  Environmental Committee
  As requested by DG Hadi, our Club decided to set up the Environmental Committee.         President Nominee James Zadralek accepted to be the Chair of the Committee. The   Committee was calling for members involvement.
        7) Bilingual proposal from PP Amina
The Board has discussed about the Bilingual proposal from PP Amina and decided that we should keep the registration in English but keep our mind open for Bilingual.
2. January 15th, 2021 Club Meeting on Zoom
At this meeting, DG Peter Verbeck of District 6990 spoke on Rotarian-People of Action.
DGN Michel introduced our Speaker and welcomed our new member Mrs. LiYin Mo.
DG Peter has served as President of the Rotary Club of Key Biscayne, was District Membership Chair, and Zone 34 Covid-19 Foundation Sub Chair.  Peter is a Major Rotary International Donor, member of the Bequest Society and District Rotarian of the Year 2017-2018. He is also a member of the Rotary International Haiti Handwash Committee. In District 6990, Peter works with the five Rotary Clubs in Grand Bahama who are still recovering from Hurricane Dorian. He has participated in 2 Polio National Immunization trips to India.
DG Peter had a wonderful speech. Himself was an good example of People of Action as we could see from his presentation he had been to so many countries to help people in need. Peter travels twice a year to Africa with projects that include Global Grants for building schools, water, sanitation, disease prevention and economic development projects. He proposed Four Priorities as follows:
  • Increase our impact
  • Expand our reach, rotarians, young people, family members and friends
  • Enhance participate engagement
  • Increase our ability to adopt
Founding President Santoso thanked him on behalf of the Club. He said that his Speech was really very inspiring and we were touched by his Action. He set a good example of Rotarian-People of Action and we should all learn from him. PP Santoso invited him to come back to speak to us again at his convenient time.
Theme of 2020-2021 -  "Rotary Opens Opportunities"
  • Rotary provides opportunities for service projects that can be performed and completed by us.
  • Rotary has given many of us the opportunity to travel the world to help put our service ideas into action.
  • Rotary also provides opportunities for leadership.
  • Rotary opens opportunities for you to live a richer, more meaningful life.
  • Everything we do opens another opportunity for someone, somewhere.
Rotary International
  • 1.2 million Rotarian members
  • 36,000 Rotary Clubs in 210 countries
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Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile
Foundation Moments
Foundation Moments from DG Hadi Mortada
-Global Grants – Making Sustainable Change in the World
Rotary clubs in Honduras and Pennsylvania, USA partnered together for a Global Grant to provide eye and vision care to needy residents in Honduras. During a 10-day long mission, Rotarians from both clubs worked to provide a wide variety of vision services through clinics held at local schools and neighborhoods. Over 1,200 individuals were evaluated and 600 received prescription eyeglasses. A local non-governmental organization will continue to provide eyeglasses and medications to those in need.
Improved eyesight can translate into improved educational or occupational opportunities, contributing greatly to improved quality of life for these Honduran residents. Clubs worldwide use these grants to make similar long-term, sustainable improvements in the world.
Every Rotary club has the opportunity to change lives around the world with the help of The Rotary Foundation….one project at a time.
-What Makes a Successful Global Grant Application?
Consult with local experts early in the planning process to build a strong project plan and global grant application. The district resource network* (see below) can help.
To be approved, your application must clearly describe how your project, scholarship, or vocational training team:
✓ Is sustainable — include plans for long-term success after the global grant funds have been spent
✓ Includes measurable goals
✓ Aligns with one of Rotary's areas of focus
✓ Responds to real community needs
✓ Actively involves Rotarians and community members
✓ Meets the eligibility requirements in the terms and conditions of the grant
The Rotary Foundation’s grant model empowers Rotarians to continue advancing world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.
*What is a district resource network? District international service chairs are tasked with identifying local Rotarian and Rotary alumni experts to build a district resource network that clubs can consult to improve a project or global grant proposal. Working with fellow district and club leaders, international service chairs recruit interested local Rotarians and alumni with expertise in the areas of focus and project planning to serve as advisers and consultants on club projects. The district’s clubs take advantage of their network of experts by contacting them directly for assistance with projects, or by requesting an introduction from the district international service chair.
-Do Large Grants every take Place in North America?
Yes! Rotary Global Grants can have large projects, Global Scholarships and Vocational Training Teams all here in the United States and Canada…or in any Rotary country or region. One of the most amazing aspects of our great foundation is that there are opportunities for large projects wherever there is a need. Criteria must be met, but there have been and will continue to be large-scale projects in “developed” countries. Read about how the Rotary Club of Little Rock made a big difference in one of the poorest regions in our country.
-What is a Rotary Foundation Global Grant Scholarship?
Established in 1947, the original Ambassadorial Scholarship program was designed to further international understanding and friendly relations among people of different countries. With the launch of the Rotary Grants model, scholarships are now used to fund a study by graduate students whose career goals support an area of focus. The funding is the same as a humanitarian global grant with a minimum scholarship amount of US $30,000. Upon returning home, Rotary Scholars share with Rotarians and others their experiences that led to a greater understanding of their host country, and what career they will go into in order to meet the six areas of focus and spread goodwill and understanding.
Do you know any students that you would like to nominate for a scholarship?
Board Members Introduction
President – Susan Xianshu Huang
Immediate Past President – Linda Beloin
President Elect/ Local Committee Chair /Legal Advisor – Ilario Maiolo
President Nominee-James Zdralek
Vice President/Senior Advisor – PP Santoso Hanitijo
Membership/Club Admin/E-Sec – DGN, PP Michel Wong Kee Song 
Treasurer/PR – IPP Linda Beloin
Fundraising Committee Chair/Rotaract – PP Mark-H Chau
Foundation Committee Chair – PP Peter Wong
International Committee Chair– PP Amina Gerba
Environmental Committtee Chair- James Zdralek
Secretary – Suzie Lim Quan Choy
Other Responsibilities
Interact Liaison:                      Rachel Tonye
Speakers:                               Malcolm Olafson
Internet/Web Service:                  Liliane Rushemeza
Bulletin Editor
Susan Xianshu Huang