Monthly NEWSLETTER          March 2021
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$5972 has been donated to Montreal Children's Hospital
 -Pediatric Emergency Mental Health Fund
Club's Breaking News
  • $2000 has been donated to GG21-18484 WASH in Ghana;
  • 5000 Masks have been donated to Welcome Hall Mission;
  • $5972 funds raised from Christmas Silent Auction has been donated to Montreal Children's Hospital-Pediatric Emergency Mental Health Fund;
  • PDND Pardeep Aluwalla has come to the Club to speak about D7040 Strategic Planning
Dear Fellow Rotarians,
March again is a month of Action. We have donated 5000 masks
to Welcome Hall Mission to help the homeless people protect
themselves from COVID-19. We also donated $5972 funds raised
from our Christmas Silent Auction to Montreal Children’s Hospital-Pediatric Emergency Mental Health Fund. DGN Michel, PP Mark
and I went to the hospital for the donation. The Representative
of the hospital was very touched by our kind donation. Thanks to
IPP Linda who made the Big cheque for this donation.
We should all be very proud of what we have done to help those
in need during the pandemic.
God bless us all!
Susan Xianshu Huang
President 2020-2021
Club Matters
  • Weekly Club Meetings on Zoom
  1. March 5th, 2021 on Zoom
      On March 5th Club meeting on Zoom, we updated the Club Matters after the Board Meeting
      on March 4th, 2021.
  • Club Matters Updates
        1) Finance update
            IPP Linda updated the following:
       -Our bank accounts:
Tangerin:   $84,373.92
Welfare :    $6971.72
Current:     $29,896
2) Fundraising Committee update
     - PP Mark updated that 2021 Montreal Chinese New Year Charity Concert has been                                 successful organized. PP Mark was very pleased with the funds raised which was $14158 in total.            He thanked the team work of the the Fundraising Committee especially fellow member James,
       IPP Linda, Malcolm. He was very grateful that President Susan  well organized the Concert and               devoted herself to this fundraising event.
      - President Susan thanked PP Mark for his effort in making this fundraising event a                                  successful one. She was happy to see that PP Mark himself raised $5250 from his                                   resources. P. Susan also thanked all the fellow members for their great support and                              generosity. P. Susan said that  through this fundraising activity we promoted Rotary and                         our Club and we created great impact not only in the Chinese Community but also in                             the world through Youtube link. 1135  people watched our Concert on Yourtube; 10,000                         people watched our Concert through in China. Our Concert will be available on 
     Youtube forever which will be a long-lasting promotion for Rotary and our Club.
3) Local Project update
$150 was voted to donate to the Interact Club Mariannopolis Interact of RC Westmount.
4) International Committee update
        -$2000 USD will be donated to GG21-18484 WASH in Ghana. The Board voted to support                        this this project was because we need them to help us in our International project as they                      have very rich experience in International project planning and execution. 
        5)  Foundation Committee update
  There will be less global grants starting July 1st, 2021. The world fund match for DDF for     global grants will reduce from 100% to 80%.
       6) Interact Club
        As fellow member Rachel became inactive this year, we need someone to take care of our                     Interact Club coordination. Before we fund someone to take charge, IPP Linda will be the                       contact person for our Interact Club.
2.  March 12th, 2021 Club Meeting on Zoom
At this meeting, we had Ms. Anna-Sophie Martin from MKono to be our Speaker thanks to PP Amina's introduction. Her topic was Young Entrepreneurs in Kenya.
Prior to becoming Mkono’s CEO, Anne-Sophie worked as a management consultant for Oliver Wyman in New York City. She also worked in Kenya for the education non-profit Think Equal and is a Board Member of the education non-profit PennyDrops. She is an active speaker on mental health and has published two articles on this topic. She holds a bachelors degree from McGill University.

3. March 19th, 2021 Club Meeting on Zoom
  At this meeting, we had Mr. Kyle Mathews from Concordia to talk about Montreal Institute for            Genocide & Human Rights.
   Kyle Matthews is the Executive Director of the Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human

   Rights Studies (MIGS) at Concordia University. He joined MIGS as Lead Researcher of the Will

   to Intervene Project in 2008 and was appointed Senior Deputy Director in 2011. At Concordia

   he founded the Raoul Wallenberg Legacy of Leadership project as well as the Digital Mass

   Atrocity Preventing Lab, which works to counter online extremism and study how social media           platforms are being used as a weapon of war.

   His work focuses on human rights, international security, the Responsibility to Protect, global

   threats, and social media and technology, and global cities. He works closely with the Canadian

   All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Prevention of Genocide and has advised Members of

   Parliament on issues related to international peace and security. He previously worked for

   the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, where he was posted to the Southern

   Caucasus (Tbilisi), the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Kinshasa) and Switzerland (Geneva).

   Prior to that he worked for CARE Canada in Albania and later at its headquarters in Ottawa,

   where he managed various humanitarian response initiatives and peace-building projects in

  Afghanistan, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East.

  In 2011 he joined the New Leaders program at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International          Affairs. He is a member of the Global Diplomacy Lab, a member of the BMW Foundation’s

  Global Responsible Leaders, and recently joined the United States Holocaust Memorial

  Museum’s advisory board on transatlantic cooperation for atrocity prevention. He is active

  member of the University Club of Montreal, the Montreal Press Club, the Montreal Council on

  Foreign Relations, the Canadian International Council and the Federal Idea, a think tank

  devoted to federalism. He is currently a Fellow at the Canadian Institute for Global Affairs and

  a Research Fellow at the Canadian Research Institute on Humanitarian Crises and Aid.

  Mr. Mathews talked about the crisis in Syria, online hate and human rights issues etc. He also   mentioned about the international network development and the emerging technology application.
  Founding President Santoso thanked Mr. Mathews for his interesting talks and commented that it
  was a great challenge for his work.
     4. March 26th, 2021 Club Meeting on Zoom
   At this meeting, we had the honor to have PGND Pardeep Aluwalla, PP of West Ottawa Rotary Club 
   to be our Speaker to speak about District Club Strategy Planning.
  Founding President Santoso thanked DGND Pardeep for his important speech. He emphasized that
   it is so important that our Club should make our own Strategic plan.
  President Susan suggested that President Elect Ilario  be responsible for the Strategic plan's 
  making or form a Strategic Planning Committee in his year.
- Birthday members in March
In March, two fellow members had their birthday: Fellow Member Paulo and PP Amina. Let's
wish them happy birthday and all the best for a healthy and safe year!
Theme of 2020-2021 -  "Rotary Opens Opportunities"
  • Rotary provides opportunities for service projects that can be performed and completed by us.
  • Rotary has given many of us the opportunity to travel the world to help put our service ideas into action.
  • Rotary also provides opportunities for leadership.
  • Rotary opens opportunities for you to live a richer, more meaningful life.
  • Everything we do opens another opportunity for someone, somewhere.
Rotary International
  • 1.2 million Rotarian members
  • 36,000 Rotary Clubs in 210 countries
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Foundation Moments
Foundation Moments from DG Hadi Mortada

What is SHARE?

Through Rotary’s SHARE system, Rotary districts share in the decision-making process by choosing which Rotary Foundation programs they wish to participate in and support.  The SHARE system is the mechanism by which Rotary Foundation funding is distributed worldwide.

Through the SHARE system, contributions to The Rotary Foundation are transformed into both District Designated Funds (DDF) — the funds your district can allocate — and to the World Fund — the funds the Trustees allocate.  By giving to either Annual Fund-SHARE or Endowment Fund-SHARE we support both local and international efforts.

You can help our club and district, and support amazing projects by giving to the Annual Fund – SHARE designation.




Why is SHARE called “SHARE”?
The Rotary Foundation’s funding system is called SHARE because the name defines what the system does:
  1. Rotarians SHARE their resources with their fellow Rotarians around the world;
  2. The Rotary Foundation Trustees SHARE some of their decision-making responsibilities with Rotary Districts; and
  3. Rotarians SHARE Rotary with the world through their Rotary Foundation.
Ready to get involved?



What is The Rotary Foundation’s Funding Cycle?

The Rotary Foundation has a unique funding cycle that utilizes contributions for programs three years after they are received. The three-year cycle gives districts time for program planning and participant selections and allows The Rotary Foundation to invest the contributions. The earnings from those investments help pay for administration, program operations and fund development costs.

Your contributions to the Annual Fund in the Rotary year 2020-21 will be invested in the Rotary year 2021-22, and projects will be selected in the Rotary year 2022-23, with the funds actually spent in the Rotary year 2023-24.

Please support The Rotary Foundation’s Annual Fund now and get involved in planning future projects.




How The Rotary Foundation Touched One Person’s Life

“What we do is touch other people . . . open the horizon to them . . . say ‘You matter.’ You see, the five men who chose me to become a Rotary Scholar are gone . . . but they are not. They never will be. Because along the way, I will in my own way share with others - and have - what those five men and the 60 members of the Rotary Club of Marshall, Texas and the tens of thousands of other members of Rotary did in 1956 when they said, ‘Bill Moyers, you can matter.’” Bill Moyers, TV journalist and commentator, and former Deputy Director of the Peace Corps.

Can you help identify a candidate for a Global Grant Scholarship that will make a difference in the world?

Board Members Introduction
President – Susan Xianshu Huang
Immediate Past President – Linda Beloin
President Elect/ Local Committee Chair /Legal Advisor – Ilario Maiolo
President Nominee-James Zdralek
Vice President/Senior Advisor – PP Santoso Hanitijo
Membership/Club Admin/E-Sec – DGN, PP Michel Wong Kee Song 
Treasurer/PR – IPP Linda Beloin
Fundraising Committee Chair/Rotaract – PP Mark-H Chau
Foundation Committee Chair – PP Peter Wong
International Committee Chair– PP Amina Gerba
Environmental Committtee Chair- James Zdralek
Secretary – Suzie Lim Quan Choy
Other Responsibilities
Interact Liaison:                      Rachel Tonye
Speakers:                               Malcolm Olafson
Internet/Web Service:                  Liliane Rushemeza
Bulletin Editor
Susan Xianshu Huang