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$8067.58USD has been donated to Beijing Hanfu Er Foundation in May 2021
Club's Breaking News
  • $8067.58 USD ($10,000Can) check has been handed to President Qian LinYong of Beijing Hanfu Er Foundation;
  • $500 has been donated to President of our Rotaract Club Madaleine's
    father for his sickness treatment. PP Mark also donated the same 
    amoutn to Madaleine's father;
  •  1500 masks has been donated to Academie Marie-Laurier to help the students. DGN Michel did the donation on behalf of the Club.
Dear Fellow Rotarians,
May is the month with beautiful flowers blooming bringing scent to people around the world. Our Club also brought the beautiful rose to Beijing Hanfu Er Foundation to help the mentally ill children in China to learn some basic living and working skills. $8067.58 USD check has been handed to President Qian Linyong of Beijing Hanfu Er Foundation by me on behalf of our Club in Beijing, China. This fund was raised through our 2021 Montreal Chinese New year Charity Concert in this February.
Mr. Qian was very touched when he received this check from us. He asked me to send their great appreciation to our Club and the fellow members for our kind help. Our donation will certainly bring hope to the mentally handicapped children in China.
As a Canadian with Chinese origin, I would like to thank you all for your generosity in helping the mentally ill children in China! 
Love has no boundaries! Our love travels through time and space and really warms the hearts of the children with mental sickness!
Let the world be filled with love! I am proud to say that Rotarians are the Messengers of Love!
Susan Xianshu Huang
President 2020-2021
Club Matters
  • Weekly Club Meetings on Zoom
  1. May 7th, 2021 on Zoom
      On May 7th Club meeting on Zoom, we updated the Club Matters after the Board Meeting
      on May 6th, 2021.
  • Club Matters Updates
  1. Finance update
-Accounts balance
Treasurer and IPP Linda updated our band account as follows:
As of April 30th, 2021,
- Current account is $36,141.02;
-Welfare account is $5449.23
- Tangerin account is $84,425.36.
          -Funds collected from Montreal Chinese New Year Charity Concert update
--$10,000 was confirmed to be sent to
Beijing Hanfuer Foundation :
      2.International Committee update
  • PP Amina updated that as District 7040 has received a lot of grants application this year, there were no more money for this year to match the International grants. Our own international project has to be applied for the year of 2021-2022.
  • Our international project has been reviewed by WASH action group. Forms to be filled in by July 1st, 2021.
  1. Local Projects update:
DGN Michel updated that 1500 masks has been donated to Academie Marie-Laurier to help the students. The owner of this school Madame Monica Begeron has been generous to our Club in the past years. She has been a great supporter to our Club.
  1. Interact Club update
IPP Linda updated that Martin, the person in charge of our Interact Club was no longer in charge and up to today, nobody replaced him. IPP Linda would find out more information about the person in charge and would update the Club as soon as possible.
  1. Rotary Foundation
1) Types of Rotary Foundation Recognition Exists for Clubs have been mentioned by PP Peter. President Susan proposed that we should try to win  the banner of EREY. However, DGN Michel mentioned that there are a few members who didn’t pay for EREY. President Susan requested the list of these fellow members from DGN Michel and she would like to follow up with these members.
2) PP Peter updated that on May 12th at 8:00pm, there would be Celebrating our Foundation Gala on line from zone 28 &32. The registration fee was $110USD which would be a fully donation to TRF.
  1. President Susan reported that the President of our Rotaract Club, Madaleine was raising funds online to help the treatment of her father’s sickness in USA. DGN Michel proposed that our club should  help her due to her delicate contribution to Rotaract and Ryla. $500 supporting fund was voted by the Board for Madaleine’s father.
  2. President Susan mentioned that the special rate for RI Convention 2020-2021 registeration would be ended on May 7th, 2021 and she encouraged all the board members to register for the convention.
2.  May 14th, 2021 Club Meeting on Zoom
At this meeting, we had Ms. Joanna Nakabito, Rotary Peace Fellow from Uppsala University in Uganda to be our Speaker.
DGN Michel introduced our Speaker. Joanna spoke about her study in Uppsala University. Her focus is on:
  • Violent extremism
- social risk factor
-family risk factor
-community risk factor
-individual risk factors
  • Dialogue 
From dialogue to resilience via the whole of society approach.
  • Level of engagement
- high level actor
-mid level actor
-local level actor
Joanna was very grateful that she was supported by Rotary for this Fellowship study.
Founding President Santoso thanked Joanna for her interesting talk on peace keeping and management. He said that the young generation like her age would be the hope of Rotary. He wished her good luck in her study.
3. May 21st, 2021 Club Meeting on Zoom
Due to President Susan's travelling to China for her mother's sickness, DGN Michel chaired the meeting on behalf of her. Thanks to DGN Michel and the fellow members' participation to this meeting. Thanks to fellow member Malcolm who took this picture for our record.
Mr. Christopher Ma, President of Montreal School of Music was our Speaker thanks to fellow member Liliane's introduction.
Mr. Ma grew up with the music. He learned music in a school offering free lessons for underprivileged family. He has been very grateful to have this opportunities that influenced his life. When he grew up he decided to create a music school to offer service to the underprivilleged family. 
Today he is the founder of Montreal Music School with supporting from McGill University Music faculty. They have a lot of valunteers from MicGill to offer difference music classes to the underprivilleged children at school.
What Mr. Ma's doing is a very meaning and interesting charity. He is seeking financial help from our Club. With his official request, the Board will discuss and vote.
     4. March 26th, 2021 Club Meeting on Zoom
 At this meeting, all the fellow members enjoyed the fellowship by sharing their thoughts and  stories. President Susan joined the meeting from China; PP Amina joined the meeting from Cameron; President Norminee James joined the meeting from Germany and Fellow Member Komlan joined the meeting from Nigera! This is technology that brought us together from different countries at different time zoom.
President Susan shared her story about travelling back to China. She was fortunate to have the second dose of vacine before her departure to China. PP Amina also received the second dose of vacine before her departure to Cameron. We were all very grateful for travelling safely. 
All the fellow members attended the Zoom meeting shared about their situation. it is great to see that all of us were safe, healthy and happy. Thanks to the Lord!
- Birthday members in May
In May, two fellow members had their birthday: DGN Michel and Fellow Member Bob.
Happy birthday to the two fellow members and all the best for a healthy and safe year for them!
Theme of 2020-2021 -  "Rotary Opens Opportunities"
  • Rotary provides opportunities for service projects that can be performed and completed by us.
  • Rotary has given many of us the opportunity to travel the world to help put our service ideas into action.
  • Rotary also provides opportunities for leadership.
  • Rotary opens opportunities for you to live a richer, more meaningful life.
  • Everything we do opens another opportunity for someone, somewhere.
Rotary International
  • 1.2 million Rotarian members
  • 36,000 Rotary Clubs in 210 countries
Don’t miss your chance to connect with Rotary members at the 2021 Virtual Convention: Rotary Opens Opportunities which will take place from 12 through 16 June 2021.

The 2021 Virtual Rotary Convention and preconventions are open to all Rotary members and participants and include access to the virtual House of Friendship.

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Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile
Foundation Moments
Foundation Moments from DG Hadi Mortada


What Types of Rotary Foundation Recognition Exists for Clubs?
  • 100 Percent Paul Harris Fellow Club: Rotary Clubs in which 100 percent of all dues-paying members are Paul Harris Fellows receive special recognition from The Rotary Foundation. Qualifying Rotary Clubs receive a special club recognition banner and join an elite group of clubs. Once a club reaches 100 percent PHF status, the District Governor or Rotary Foundation chair must request the recognition from The Rotary Foundation. This recognition is a one-time-only award, but the intent is that the club will maintain its membership at the 100% Paul Harris Fellow level.
  • 100 Percent Foundation Giving Club Banner: This banner is awarded to clubs that achieve an average of $100 in per capita giving and 100 percent participation, with every dues-paying member contributing at least $25 to any or all of the following during the Rotary year: Annual Fund, PolioPlus Fund, approved global grants, or Endowment Fund.
  • 100 Percent Every Rotarian Every Year Club Banner: Rotary Clubs must achieve a minimum Annual Fund contribution of $100 per capita during the Rotary year, and every dues-paying member must personally contribute at least $25 to the Annual Fund during the year.
  • 100% Paul Harris Society Club Banner: This recognition is awarded to clubs in which every dues-paying member has contributed a minimum of $1,000 to the Annual Fund, the PolioPlus Fund, or an approved global grant during the Rotary year.
The Trustees of The Rotary Foundation also present club recognition banners each year to the three Rotary Clubs in each District with the highest per capita in Annual Fund Giving. 
Will our club be recognized by The Rotary Foundation this year?



Our Goal to Eradicate Polio
Rotary has been working to eradicate polio for more than 35 years. Our goal of ridding the world of this disease is closer than ever. As a founding partner of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, we've reduced polio cases by 99.9 percent since our first project to vaccinate children in the Philippines in 1979. Rotary members have contributed more than $2.1 billion and countless volunteer hours to protect nearly 3 billion children in 122 countries from this paralyzing disease. Rotary’s advocacy efforts have played a role in decisions by governments to contribute more than $10 billion to the effort.
Today, polio remains endemic only in Afghanistan and Pakistan, but it’s crucial to continue working to keep other countries polio-free. If all eradication efforts stopped today, within 10 years, polio could paralyze as many as 200,000 children each year.
The help of all Rotarians is needed to create awareness and funds to reach our goal of raising $50 million by June 30 to maximize the 2 to 1 match from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for a total of $150 million.  Every donation helps us obtain the vaccines, transportation and materials needed in the fight against polio. 
Can you help us reach our goal?  Consider donating today at
What is the best way to make a year-end gift?
The Rotary Foundation’s online giving portal is the fastest and easiest way to ensure that your year-end gift is received on time! Visit and sign in to your My Rotary account to ensure that you and your club receive appropriate recognition for your contribution.
Need help making your contribution? Call the Rotary Support Center at 1-866-976-8279 (toll-free).
Board Members Introduction
President – Susan Xianshu Huang
Immediate Past President – Linda Beloin
President Elect/ Local Committee Chair /Legal Advisor – Ilario Maiolo
President Nominee-James Zdralek
Vice President/Senior Advisor – PP Santoso Hanitijo
Membership/Club Admin/E-Sec – DGN, PP Michel Wong Kee Song 
Treasurer/PR – IPP Linda Beloin
Fundraising Committee Chair/Rotaract – PP Mark-H Chau
Foundation Committee Chair – PP Peter Wong
International Committee Chair– PP Amina Gerba
Environmental Committtee Chair- James Zdralek
Secretary – Suzie Lim Quan Choy
Other Responsibilities
Interact Liaison:                      Rachel Tonye
Speakers:                               Malcolm Olafson
Internet/Web Service:                  Liliane Rushemeza
Bulletin Editor
Susan Xianshu Huang